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The Zypcoin product family is based on a new and breakthrough patented technology that displays information posted by the owner of any phone number onto a callers screen. This the transforms the black screen of everyday phone calls into a rich real-time display experience, between caller and call recipient, and opens a huge new information-sharing opportunity and creating a unique and powerful channel for billions of new impressions, not available with any other system. The number can also be used on various browser application and view the same content. This opens up simple but powerful methods for users to post and obtain online information without the current technical and resource expenses.

The suite of apps that Zypcoin offers enables businesses to display content on inbound calls providing an instant mobile presence they would not normally be able to have.  Zypcoin is a cloud-based global connection platform that provides a simple and permanent answer to the question: “Do you have a website?”  Or “Where can I find you or your business online?”  – “just call me or use my number on Zypcoin”Impact & Benefits

  • Delivers key information at the precise moment of value to a caller.
  • Keeps callers engaged, deters them from checking alternatives.
  • Presents buying options at the moment of planned purchase.
  • Businesses and individuals can display content on screen of inbound calls.
  • Cost reductions in overhead, facilities, staff, and equipment.
  • Callers are more knowledgeable about offers before call is answered.
  • Instant delivery of data increases user service and quality.
  • Minimize or eliminates dreaded call routing messages.
  • Content can be stored and/or forwarded to friends and family.
  • Callers can select displayed links to web pages & other content.

Mobile Calls Will Never Be the Same

A Zypcoin transaction starts with a telephone call that is being made for a specific reason, for instance, what products are available, or can I buy that hat? Callers will instantly see the latest information posted by the called number, while the phone is ringing, on hold, voicemail, terminated, or even if the phone system is disabled, for example by a switch or damage. In many cases a caller will be able to use this information without requiring the call to be answered. 

Owner of Phone Number Controls content

Zypcoin does not aggregate data generally available on the Internet. But rather it gives the owner of phone number a “master switch” and total control of what is displayed on callers’ screens.  The owner of phone number uploads or authorizes an upload of content to the Zypcoin server and functionally says: “if anyone calls my number put this content on their screen”.

New Methodology & Service

Zypcoin is a new patented service and is not in competition with any existing application or service. It is a unique internet application and utility that provides a simple but powerful posting service.   A typical Zypcoin inquiry starts offline with an index, such as a phone number, obtained from a business card, classified ad, friend’s recommendation, flyer, newsletter or bulletin board. It enables customers to get basic decision support information about a business, service or product from just entering a telephone number. 

Zypcoin does not build websites. It does not search the general internet to find, discover or recommend services. It is for consumers who want additional information about an individual or business one has already identified. It supports, enhances, and protects all current small business offline marketing activities and provides an avenue for the ‘tech-hesitant’ to get online with minimal cost and effort.

Google Phone "Call Only" Ads

The most telling and most important signal of this new market is a February 2015 announcement by Google of a CALL ONLY ad word option.  Advertisers can now opt to just show a phone number directly in a search result without having to create and post an ad.  These click-to-call buttons would instantly link to a Zypcoin display.


Use cases for Zypcoin are numerous.  Users have invented, and will continue inventing, alternative ways to deploy and use the product to support one’s own marketing activities.  With Zypcoin you get instant real-time actionable information and links to specific web pages, and you can still talk to someone if you wish.  

The following are illustrations of use cases that can be applied universally:


Phone numbers on business cards can expand in one-step to online professional or business profile. Suffix codes written on the back of a card combine to retrieve public and private messages, documents, flyers, property details or any other information. Call or link it is the same number.


A missed call is a telephone call that is deliberately terminated by the caller before being answered appearing as a “missed call” on the receiver’s cell phone and expecting the receiver to take an action. For example calling a merchant and then hanging up and waiting for the merchant to send an advertisement, daily special or other data. Missed calls are used extensively in India, Bangladesh and Indonesia.


A major future opportunity will be for this market to enhance their product flyers and conduct online commerce with anyone in the world. This functionality is scheduled for July 2018. Here is an illustration of a flyer that could be created as a Word document and then activated for E-commerce in minutes. Customers will be able to buy the products from the posted flyer.


Message Becomes Sales Tool. Instead of a general business message, users can change voicemail message to “use number you just called on Zypcoin” to get real-time information.


The phone number in printed classified advertisements can expand into an online page to provide information for shoppers to learn more about the business. Supports small business by expanding the small print ad into a full business flyer or page.


Zypcoin is connected with Twitter so that the latest Tweet can be automatically displayed on callers screen. This will enable a service provider, merchant, lunch counter, artisan, etc. to easily post latest special, schedule change or other last minute information. For example a lunch counter could create a static display with basic information about the venue, and then just Tweet the latest menus, happy hour specials and any other last minute announcement.


Or any other online service advertisement can include the URL syntax of the file which opens their online page of details.


And other temporary activities can display the event poster by just entering the telephone number of the event manager.


Managers and entrepreneurs can use it to display latest status avoids sending emails every time there is an update. Can be one or many pages, or slides.


Or other service provider can post details and callers and browser users will see desired information saving time and adding convenience to everyone.


Restaurants can just take a photo of their blackboard and instantly post daily specials and callers will see your special wine even if you are away, closed or missed the call … “In case we missed your call, here’s tonight’s (this weeks) special wine.”


A farmer can post a picture of available products along with price and any special growing information and potential buyers can immeiate see what is available.


A contractor or professional could use the posting for as an online profile for side business.

Intellectual Property

There is no direct competition to the Zypcoin Service which provides an instant display associated with an existing telephone number – such service does not exist and that is the basis for the Zypcoin patent. (And the “White Space” market opportunity).

Zypcoin patents relate to new methods to post and retrieve/display information using phone numbers (and other indexes) and are part of an issued patent: USPTO No. 9,262,606.  Included in the filing are multiple embodiments or use cases that support many future products build on the connection platform and basic registration. 


Zypcoin is a horizontal solution that is useful and deployable for all industries across all global market segments; it is available to all individuals that have a phone number and want to display information online for offerings, products or services. 

While there is no limit to markets that Zypcoin can support, its focus is on the expanding and under-served market of millions of street vendors, sole proprietors, home businesses and service providers. The majority, if not all, currently reside offline, but Zypcoin provides these individuals a method to establish an online presence.

The smartphone install base was four billion in 2016, with the 6 billion figure expected to be hit in 2020, IHS Market says. In addition, According to BIA/Kelsey’s latest research in call monetization, annual calls to businesses from smartphones will reach 162 billion by 2019.

Internet Penetration

As of March 2017 only half the world has internet.  In contrast there are over 6 billion mobile subscriptions representing about 4.5 billion mobile users.  While this growth is significant there is still 50% without internet; so there is huge new available market.

DIAGRAM from white paper?

Major companies such as Google and Yahoo both reached $3 billion in sales in 2004 when internet penetration was 12% or 800 million.

Zypcoin takes advantage of the portability laws that allow phone numbers to be ‘proprietary’ and uses them as a personal, persistent digital index.  Zypcoin provides the developing markets an online experience and is a stepping stone from the basic feature phones to additional services.

Total Cost of Ownership

An important measurement when considering using a business system is what is the total cost vs. the benefit. For Zypcoins target market this is very important and will be very small.  And it should be noted that Zypcoin, does not require internet connection or functionality but nonetheless it provides two critical elements:  1) online display of products & services and 2) ecommerce

The TCO of creating and posting a Zypcoin is minimal and almost negligible compared to conventional websites platforms, i.e. GoDaddy ($250-$800/month).  WordPress is a popular website builder that makes it easier to build a full online presence but can require some technical assistance.

Synthesis estimated TCO of a WordPress website including domain registration, hosting, premium theme, developer fees,  security services, storage, ,and personal time to generated a TCO of $95-$700 per year, depending on the degree of custom designs.

Small Business Markets Factors

To put the market landscape in perspective, it is useful to look at data on some specific segments.  In the USA there are almost 28 million small businesses and over 22 million are self employed, with no additional payroll or employees (also known as nonemployers), and in the USA:

There are about 22.5 million nonemployer firms in the US)

52% of all small businesses are home-based

Approximately 75% of all U.S. businesses are nonemployer businesses; 19.4 million are sole proprietorships, 1.6 million are partnerships and 1.4 million are corporations

The fastest growing sector is for freelancers such as bartenders, auto repair shops, beauty salons, dry cleaners, etc., estimated at 55 million in the US alone.


The vast majority of these businesses effectively use flyers, business cards, and additional local advertising services to attract customers. In a typical issue of a local Silicon Valley newspaper, there are 160 displays and classified ads; approximately 100 (62%) of them did not have websites. 

A study by the Pew internet and American Life Project released last summer looked at the 15% of people in the US who still don’t go online. According to the study, one of the contributing factors that limit people’s access to the internet is affordability; a factor that is exacerbated in emerging markets.  Outside the U.S., the number of small businesses without websites increases dramatically. Currently, the “informal work force”, is greater than 60% of all workers worldwide.

Even with the growth of internet availability for the foreseeable future there will be a large market not online. Zypcoin can help fill this gap.

Informal Markets

A very important market for Zypcoin is the large informal segment. According to the International Organization of Labor, the definition of informal employment is primarily household unincorporated enterprises that do not have complete set of accounts, and are not registered with a government agency.   In most developing countries, informal employment is a larger component of the workforce than formal employment.

Estimates show that informal employment comprises more than half of non-agricultural employment in most developing countries:

Region Informal Employment

South Asia 82 %

sub-Saharan Africa 66 %

East and Southeast Asia 65 %

Latin America 51 %

MENA 57%

International Labor Organization

Global Internet Users

Global internet Users

World Internet Penetration Rates

Source:  http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm