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Zypcoin is a unique ICO which doesn’t require initial app development. That gives it a unique advantage and avoids the risk and delay that most ICO’s purchaser’s endure. A whopping 90% of ICO’s never complete a viable product. 

The Zypcoin network will enable all these small businesses to benefit from online promotion and global e-commerce by simply registering their mobile number. These applications do not exist anywhere in the market, and we plan an aggressive marketing and business development program once the ICO is complete.

One of the major values and unique advantages of the Zypcoin is its versatility and unlimited uses within its ecosystem and as well in other markets adjacent to the Zypcoin ecosystem.  Zypcoin plans to continuously design and install projects and programs to be certain that the issued Zypcoin tokens will be usable in many different aspects of the Zypcoin ecosystem.

Systems will be developed to distribute tokens based on various contributions to the network and user kits and instructions will be available to all users and visitors in the Zypcoin ecosystem. This will be a key objective and part of the initial planning effort. Zypcoin has development plans that are summarized elsewhere in our materials. These programs will be direct and indirect, as well as spontaneously and created totally by users in the Zypcoin ecosystem. Several plans are already in place, the following are examples of some of the programs that are planned.


We’ve selected reasonable standards of safety and compliance to provide our purchaser's confidence.


At www.zypcoinpresale.com

By simply entering your first name, last name, and email you will receive a notification to create your password. Once your email address and password are confirmed, you can login at any time to browse research and track Zypcoins and development of the Zypcoin Network. At any time prior to your purchase of a SAFT, you can complete the SAFT registration process and determine whether you are eligible to purchase a SAFT.


On our website, the documentation to conduct your due diligence is at your finger tips including access to our company’s materials. We also provide forums to ask questions and communicate directly with the management team through online message boards and webinars.


We make purchasing the SAFT easy. You will agree to your order on the SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens). There are absolutely NO fees for making purchases using our website.


Zypline welcomes you to the team. We have high expectations and with you aboard our Zypcoin Network our confidence continues to grow. Through our investment portal you’ll receive periodic updates and communications so you can track progress.