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Zypcoin has the opportunity to bring the power of online product display to the billions of sole proprietors and informal workers without the overhead of internet or tech support and has a four-year strategic plan to take leadership in this huge open white market opportunity. As there is not yet a ‘Content-While-Calling” market to provide historical data, or statistics to define market size, leadership, the following overall target will be used:

Within four years become the global leader in the instant real-time smart phone content display market having a minimum of 100 million users, revenue in excess of $250 million.

Zypcoin Changes Phone Calls Forever – It displays content posted by called number during normal calls transforms boring on-hold black screen to valuable information and opens a totally new and explosive market opportunity of Content-While-Calling™  

Zypcall enhances everyday phone calls by displaying information before the call is answered.



ZYPLINE will adjust its patented enterprise apps for this global under-served market of sole proprietors, home businesses, and artisans enabling them to benefit from online promotion and global e-commerce by simply registering their mobile number.  Since the Zypcoin ICO is based on fully operational products, there is no initial development delay which has been fatal for the majority of recent “app-token” ICOs.

To take leadership in this untapped market, ZYPLINE will execute three major strategic initiatives: 


Zypcoin will immediately deploy its instant posting product and users will be able to instantly post any business profile, schedule, price list, or any other information which will displayed when customers call or use the number online.


Users will be able to add services such as FLYER E-COMMERCE, multiple pages, key words, product & service search, as well as create local apps in any environment or language with no central interface.


Increase network size and value with PARTNERS, ACQUISITIONS & TOKEN “ROLL-UPS”. A comprehensive M&A function will acquire distressed token companies with a combination of USD and tokens.

Details of each strategic initiative:

Posting & Distribution

POSTING is the core product and focus in the initial stages will be to upgrade and adapt the existing product set to match the needs and support requirements of this market.  

Content is created and edited at a customer service center (ZYPSTATION) or on the user’s computer or smart phone. In less than 5 minutes any file can be uploaded. Adding to this simplicity, Zypcoin does not require user registration, email or the creation of passwords. Verification is via one-time text (SMS) code or IVR. 

Posting can be a flyer, profile, resume, schedule, price list, recipe or any other business or personal information.  Users can indicate on their voice mail message, business cards, flyers, and advertisements that details can be found by just using their mobile number on Zypcoin.com or any partner site.  There will be ample online training instructions, videos and chat box.               

Partner Network Development – In parallel Zypcoin will develop and activate a global network of partners, distributors, and agents to assist these small businesses around the world get an online posting.  Once the basic posting system is upgraded, installed, and fully tested Zypcoin will launch several pilots’ distribution projects. After these tests the basic posting system and distribution network will be fully operational by 2nd quarter of 2018.  Target will be to have a minimum of 100,000 businesses on line by end of 2018.

Partners will be independent operators responsible for assisting local entrepreneurs uploading files online using an existing flyer (or a newly created flyer by the partner staff). Partner would create a local customer service function where user could:

  • Upload an existing flyer
  • Get assistance in the creation a flyer for their products or services
  • Update and re-post their online page as needed
  • Prepare for future Zypcoin products and services (ecommerce, fulfillment)

The distributor / partner sets all fees for both the first upload and activation of a user index (mobile) and for any future updates. Zypcoin will charge an activation fee only for the first upload of any phone number; all subsequent revenue for corrections, additions, and new uploads to the BASIC product would be kept 100% by the partner. 

Distributors/partners will be various businesses that support the community of sole proprietors and where it expected that some time will be spent conducting business (dwell time). Typical partner could be print and copy shops, handicraft supply stores, internet cafes, Big Box stores, etc.  User does no have to be present but can relay the one-time passcode for current upload to distributor.


  • User visits copy center to have 100 copies made of business flyer
  • Attendant makes copies and offers to post flyer online for an additional small charge
  • User agrees and the flyer is instantly posted on Zypcoin network.
  • User gets a “success page” describing how to use the new online posting
  • Customer calls users and sees a display of profile, specials or other information posted by user.
  • Status: Base product fully operational

Impact: Sole proprietors get an instant online presence. Partner gets a new source of revenue with no investment.

Token Issue: Rewards will be issued to distributors/agents for each new posting.

Mobile Agents – Agents will most probably be mobile and travel to different locations to upload and post new users and to edit and update existing flyer.  For example they could use an announcement that every Wednesday from 12-5 they will be at a certain location – a Laundromat, community center, street fair, etc. to upload new business profiles or update existing.  They could also visit remote areas and collect data and in some cases create the posting onsite.  For example a picture of farmers produces along with price. In other cases data would be collected and then uploaded when back at a base or ZYPSTATION.    Valuable function is “approver not present” – so in cases where a user in a remote area wants to change a price or content, they can just call the agent and approve the edits via SMS.

Rewards – Distributors, partners and agents will receive Zypcoins as rewards based on volume of users’ profiles that are uploaded.

Analytics & Accounting – Zypcoin will provide an online dashboard for any agent or partner to obtain statistics of the volume of uploads and accounting of tokens and other rewards.

Flyer E-commerce

The second major initiative is adding additional functionality to enable E-commerce from just the posted business flyer. The product development will be completed by the 3rd quarter of 2018 and will result in a unique “flyer E-commerce product” that will enable the small producers in the Zypcoin network to literally offer products online, sell them and have them fulfilled from just an uploaded product flyer attached to their mobile number. The flyer E-commerce product is operating in the lab with flyer posting and purchase of products. Payment and fulfillment was completed by Amazon.  A fully commercial version will be release by 3rd quarter of 2018. 


User visits distributor / agent to post business flyer for ecommerce.

Attendant adds SKU to user’s phone number and posts flyer

Global Customers find and buy product in the Zypcoin Network

A good customer example would be a tourist from Paris is visiting Manila and buys a hat from a street vendor for say $5.00.   Weeks later in Paris he decides it is a great hat and would like 10 more to give as gifts.  By just entering the phone number on Zypcoin.com or calling a flyer would display available hats and with prices that could be ordered online. Of course, the price per hat might be closer to $20.00 to account for transaction and shipping costs. 

  • Customer calls user number and sees a display of products.
  • Customer clicks on desired product and the purchase request, fulfillment delivery and payment are commenced via the blockchain e-commerce process
  • If the product has not been offered for online sales, then customer will be able to make a request and can include a bid price.

Acquisitions & Token Roll-Ups

A major M&A function will be established at Zypcoin to make acquisitions and add our global network via token roll-ups. During the first 3-6 months a full M&A team will be recruited and a system will be developed to identify target and complete analysis and due diligence to be certain of strategic fit.   A comprehensive M&A function will search for distressed companies and acquire their assets for a combination of $US and Zypcoin tokens.

This “token roll-up” will include exchanging Zypcoin with existing acquired company’s token holders. There are over 1500 active token projects around the world and many are marginal business and many of them overlap somewhat into the Zypcoin market space.  The team will study and determine the optimum targets.  The incentive for these companies will be to be part of a growing company.  The Onboarding or integration of these acquisitions will be a formal process and will include training and joint market planning. Zypcoin expects to make at least one acquisition in 2018 and then 5 to 10 annually going forward.